Some dumbass kid has a video of himself smoking weed on facebook

and people get on my mom for making a comment about a person lying about her but that post has like ten comments saying the kid is “to cool”

*dies of laughter*

I would like to lay in my own bed and do my homework…

but…family is still here…and they might be staying another night…

Is there anything good that ever comes out of group projects in school?

my grandma is telling me this story of the age old one person doing a project (i.e. my little sister) and not getting the credit for it.

Gonna try and get my grandma into Hannibal so it can distract her and I can work on thesis…

We’ll see how this goes




Twilight may be trash but at least they cast actual native americans to play natives

you know you’ve fucked up when Twilight does something better than you

The actors only discovered their ‘native’ ancestry after they were cast.

actually only Taylor Lautner discovered his “native” ancestry everyone else had to show papers as proof and most of them grew up on their reservations…